The Perfect Corn on the Cob

I almost missed the Farmers Market today — between Target, Costco, groceries and laundry — but managed to squeak in at 1:30, score a killer parking spot and dash between stalls before 2 p.m. closing time to collect my bounty. (Okay, I didn’t dash, I walked briskly. Whatever.)

Later can be better at the Farmers Market because vendors start cutting their prices to get rid of as much as they can. But, the trade-off is that everything has been picked over by earlier shoppers.

Not to worry today — I found more amazing fruits and veggies to take home and devour, including tons of pluots, which were to die for last week, and grapefruit, which I have been eating two-to-a-sitting.

But the winner: corn on the cob. Right now, white corn is fresh, sweet and juicy, and nothing says summer like corn on the cob. I cooked it up for a perfect late lunch — straight-up, with butter and salt. Why mess with a good thing?

I love me some grilled corn, but in my humble opinion, nothing beats a simple, boiled corn on the cob. That is, as long as you cook it right. Nobody likes overcooked corn. The can’t-mess-it-up method: put the corn in a pot of water and bring to a boil. As soon as the water reaches a boil, time for three minutes, boiling uncovered. Then turn off the burner and let the corn sit in the water for 10 minutes. Remove from water and eat.

The results: super crunchy, sweet, perfectly cooked corn, in 20 minutes. Mmmm, I love you summer!


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Corn on the Cob

  1. Hay! I was looking at the corn and just had to have some of our own. So we had ourselves some of that delicious NH corn on the cob…mom had two, I had three bigger ears:) We’ve been searching for that elusive market that isn’t putting out yesterday’s corn and this was absolutely, easily, superbly, the best of the season–tender and sweet…mmmm!
    I would have had four ears but I had too many homefries:)

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