About Me

IMG_6366wMy name is Tricia Whittemore and I love food. No. I looooove food. And wine. And eating. And cooking.

I’m no professional chef or professional food critic, and certainly no professional wine taster, but I pursue all of the above with passion.

My favorites: Cheese. Bread. Wine. Avocado. Salt. Heirloom tomatoes. Brussels sprouts. Olives. Dulce de leche Haagen Daz.

I am NOT a picky eater, but I can do without: Celery. Ketchup (ick). Most bottled salad dressings. Tomato juice.

I cannot do without my Wusthof chef’s knife, mini food processor and stacks (stacks!) of cookbooks.

I hate to put away dishes. I’ll wash them, but getting them back in cabinets and drawers is often postponed indefinitely.

I’m originally from New Hampshire. I lived in San Diego, CA for 10 years,ย and relocated two years ago to Manhattan for a new job. I am in foodie heaven here, but still cooking in my little kitchen every chance I get.


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am waiting for “The Itsy Bitsy Kitchen” TV Show & Cookbook to appear. The Food Network needs a show geared to singles, young couples and others with small kitchens. A cookbook full of “Trish’s Dishes” with your smiling face and an “itsy bitsy” dish on the cover. It would be a Best Sella… WooHoo!

  2. Tricia! How have I not read your blog before tonight?! Or even talked to you about our mutual love of all things food/cooking? Oh, I know why, we had our heads buried in work ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems I love everything you love, well except for that I’m gluten-free. Next time you are in the islands we must do a foodie date. Keep the posts coming, I’ll be sure to check them out.

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