Sunday Farmer’s Market, aka Making Up for Burned Bagels

Had a rough start to my morning today — burned my bagel in the toaster oven, then quickly burned the replacement bagel as well. Awesome! I made myself eat the second one as punishment for being such a space case. (It actually wasn’t too bad, just a little char. Mmmm, carcinogens.)

Good news is I redeemed myself at the farmer’s market. I’m planning to make one of my favorite pasta salads this week — Cold Pasta Salad with Roasted Chicken, Plums, Blue Cheese and Basil — as well as a yummy salad as it’s supposed to be in the 90s (!) again this week. I was a vision of efficiency — flitting here and there, making decisions in a snap, filling my bags and busting out of there in no time. Check out the haul:

The list: beets with their greens, a beautiful head of Bibb lettuce, basil, plums, pluots, cucumber, parsley, chives, grape tomatoes, strawberries and a cantaloupe. Yes, that’s a lot of plums, which are in the pasta salad. And I’m planning to steam the beets and use them in my salad…and do something awesome with the beet greens. It’s been ages since I’ve had beet greens, but I used to love them when my mom cooked them growing up. So we’ll see what happens there. Check out these awesome looking strawberries — I bought some last week and they were so sweet and delicious:

Something else pretty awesome: I did ALL my food shopping for the week at the farmers market. Everything else I needed for my meals I had already. Now that is a score.


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