Oh Farmers Market, I’ve Missed You

It’s been a while. I admit it. But after my Sunday trip to the farmers market, I’m back in the swing, and remembering what I’ve missed. Check out my haul this week:

The tally: blueberries, blackberries, nectarines. Summer squash. An heirloom tomato (love this time of year), cherry tomatoes, arugula (spicy and fresh), parsley, garlic, onion, a lemon and avocadoes.

I got a couple of super fresh (and huge!) zucchini from my friend Megan’s garden, so my plans include a summer squash/zucchini/tomato/arugula pasta and a zucchini and olive flatbread. Plus some veggie and hummus pita wraps, which have been my latest obsession for lunch.

Hit your farmers market! There is nothing like fresh produce in the summer.


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