Maui: Cocktail Edition

What is a trip to Hawaii without cocktails? Not very fun, that’s what! And we had some tasty ones that weren’t the same ol’ Mai Tais. My favorite was called Hawaiian Angel at Aloha Mixed Plate on Front Street in Lahaina. Coconut rum with pineapple and cranberry juices – tart and not too fruity and rich (what you often get with pina coladas or anything with coconut in it). It was perfect and refreshing.

My first drink of the trip was a Plantation Punch at Mama’s Fish House. Delectable. Fruity but not TOO, and just strong enough. And especially good because it was the first drink of the trip. We sat overlooking the beach and decompressed from our crazy work weeks, and the drinks were perfect to get us in relaxation mode.

We also tried some Maui Brewing Company beers – we went to the brewpub location just north of our hotel, technically still in Lahaina. I wouldn’t recommend it — it was dark with barely any windows, and who wants that when you’re on vacation in Maui? Instead, you can get many of the brews at the local bars. My favorite was the Bikini Blonde, a light lager. We tried the Hot Blonde – Bikini Blonde with chipotle – oh my. Way too much chipotle – it was more like eating a sandwich. And super spicy. Christine loved the Coconut Porter. Our waiter at Lahaina Grill said it would be good as a float with a scoop of macadamia nut ice cream. I tend to agree! May need to try that one. They had a cool bar feature — a rim with ice/snow around the whole bar where you set your beer — no beer gets warm here. Love that.

And we got a couple of delicious toasted coconut martinis from the Pupu Lounge in Kihei. The place isn’t the classiest, and inside is dark, but it’s a good place for a cocktail and an app on the patio outside. And I think they even toasted the coconut themselves! Fancy.

Perfect mixture of great food and great drink? Indeed. An all-around amazing trip. Hmmm, maybe I’ll make myself a Hawaiian Angel right now….


1 thought on “Maui: Cocktail Edition

  1. Mmmm…the cocktails in HI are the best I’ve ever had! This vacay looks amazing, wish I was there. Love the ice bar, we need that here.

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